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September 15, 2022  NEWS

RadioSpin partner UBT is partner in the MammoScreen project, which has just been selected by the European Commission as one of the funded projects to develop new methods and technologies for cancer screening and early detection. UBT uses AI and machine learning to enhance the accuracy of their MammoWave technology, a novel apparatus for breast lesion detection. It works with microwave imaging instead of X-rays, meaning there is no radiation risk, it is safer and more comfortable in use than current detection methods for breast cancer and can be used in asymptomatic population without any safety restriction such as age or frequency of use. Clinical trials have already shown a high accuracy of MammoWave and RadioSpin is expected to push the accuracy forward even more! The new MammoScreen project represents a key milestone for UBT as it will allow to perform the MammoWave clinical validation on thousands of participants and to address all the activities required to expand breast screening with MammoWave.

RadioSpin partner UBT wins Horizon Europe 'MammoScreen' project.


New RadioSpin article published in MDPI Electronics

"A Microwave Imaging Procedure for Lung Lesion Detection: Preliminary Results on Multilayer Phantoms." was published on 5th July 2022 in 'Electronics' (MDPI).

July 12, 2022  PUBLICATION

New RadioSpin article published in Neuromorphic Computing and Engineering

"Convolutional neural networks with radio-frequency spintronic nano-devices." was published on 1st July 2022 in Neuromorphic Computing and Engineering and describes details about our neural network architectures.

July 8, 2022  PUBLICATION

May 23, 2022  NEWS

RadioSpin Clinical Trial Approved by the Ethics Committee Umbria

The Ethical Committee of Regione Umbria, Italy, approved the new Clinical Trial: "A Clinical Investigation to Confirm the Ability of MammoWave in Breast Lesions Detection". The study will be multicentric and will involve four hospitals across the EU. One objective of the trial will involve the evaluation of MammoWave performances when using our 'RadioSpin' Artificial Intelligence Hardware.

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