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May 15, 2024  EVENT

On the 15th May 2024, the European Neuromorphic Research Day will take place at International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory (INL), partner in RadioSpin. INL is organizing a one day research event to bring together coordinators, participants and collaborators from various European projects and industry partners in the field of neuromorphic computing. The areas include, but are not limited to, spintronics, electronics, photonics and other approaches, ranging from early stage technologies to more mature technologies. Representatives of ten ongoing European research projects on neuromorphic computing and two representatives of very successful companies that apply neuromorphic computing in their technologies will be present. Find out more about this event at

July 12, 2022  PUBLICATION

New RadioSpin article published in Communications Materials

"The impact of local pinning sites in magnetic tunnel junctions with non-homogeneous free layers."

New RadioSpin article published in Nature Nanotechnology

Today, our article "Multilayer spintronic neural networks with radiofrequency connections." has been published in Nature Nanotechnology! Congratulations to all colleagues and the RadioSpin Team.

July 23, 2023  PUBLICATION

May 23, 2022  NEWS

RadioSpin Clinical Trial Approved by the Ethics Committee Umbria

The Ethical Committee of Regione Umbria, Italy, approved the new Clinical Trial: "A Clinical Investigation to Confirm the Ability of MammoWave in Breast Lesions Detection". The study will be multicentric and will involve four hospitals across the EU. One objective of the trial will involve the evaluation of MammoWave performances when using our 'RadioSpin' Artificial Intelligence Hardware.

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